Tuesday, December 3, 2013

the assumption of consent (and health resources)

Two factors tend to correlate with sexualised abuse and domestic violence: 1. Subordination in society. 2. Assumption of hypersexuality.  Women of color  receive much higher levels of physical abuse and sexual violence. Trans people have even higher violence rates than bi folks. Is it that we all are seen as non 'standard' not cis, not white, not male and therefore 'different', not real. Our lives are seen as more expendable. Our visible difference is in the way we are  gazed at, we are assumed to always want it, or to be unworthy of deciding for ourselves if we want sex. Our pleasure, our health, our sanity is secondary. Unfortunately these attitudes sometimes penetrate all of our self love campaigns. The constant barrage of sex on everyone's terms but our own tunes many of us out of our own comfort with our bodies. When other people are staring it doesn't feel safe and it probably isn't. We  continue to see an erasure of coverage around how black women, working class,queer, and gender variant women (and some men)have been fetishized and how this may limit public presentations of or comfort with displaying overt sexuality.Here's some food for thought, resources, and places to rail and to heal.

Therapy/recovery resources- allof the resources on here are free or low cost 



Thanks to the awesome research done in the last 15 years on the enormity of clitorises sensation reconstruction surgery and emotional wellbeing therapies are available for many people who have undergone FGM and Intersex modification surgeries.   
PFLAG -So they are a little stodgy, but really without these guys I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be here. As a 15 year old baby-bi In Nebraska (in the  pre broke folks with internet years) I stealthily swiped a copy each of their pamphlets from planned parenthood to casually leave around our apt. I read them first. The gift-wrapping information alone probably saved me lots of troubles. It also let me know that I wasn't alone. Then it let my mom know she wasn't either. That's worth a lot.

Broadway Youth Center- clothes, counseling and healthcare for 12-24 year olds

Health Care
Community Health free healthcare for low income people -
I have to say these guys are awesome. They tend to be ignorant of trans stuff, polystuff and bi stuff but the volunteers have been very respectful and willing to learn on all fronts..and free healthcare when you need it is a blessing.
http://www.chicagowomenshealthcenter.org/ queer friendly sliding scale gyno,and good paps

Sex Worker Resources

Housing resources and domestic violence resources
trans* housing network
Illinois domestic violence centers
State of il Dept of Human Services.

Violence trackers
trans violence tracker project
bisexual women twice as likely to be abused and or raped study says

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